Kelly Kinkaid

Kelly Kinkaid is a content developer in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. She began writing in 2006 on her personal blog, Mirroring Kelly’s life, her personal blog went through many changes over the years and finally settled into a place in which she could explore and discuss her life as it is, flaws and all.

Over the years Kelly as a freelance writer and blogger explored 
personal finance, stretching a dollardiet and exercisesocial media, and living a life well lived. Kelly has been active within the social media community since 2004 and enjoys exploring new forms of social media and communication.  She has attended several social media conferences and was an Instructor and Panelist on Trend Prediction and Strategic Content Development at the Financial Bloggers Conference, #FinCon12, in September of 2012. She has been linked to or written for sites such as Wise Bread,Blogging Basics 101Kidworth, and Jennifer Luitwieler’s Why I Run Series, spends entirely too much time on Twitter, and spends all of her spare time in her many roles including but not limited to
  • USA Swimming Official, Media Relations Volunteer for a USA Swim Club, and mother of a USA Swimmer
  • High School Band Webmaster and high school band mom
  • High School Robotics Team Mentor and mother of a high school robotics team member 
  • Wife to a rabid Oklahoma State University Cowboys fan and C.P.A.
  • Half Fanatics runner who completed her first full marathon in November of 2013
  • The woman who is actively attempting to and is sometimes successful at ruining her children’s short lives, aka a mother to two teens
Other places you can find Kelly are: